Tongue twisting

Some things in life come back again and again, like migratory birds, sex in the city re-runs and flu.  OR my schoolgirlish infatuation for Conan O’Brien.

Luckily flu comes only once a year and conan once in five. I could’nt handle him more often.

In my boredom on my second flu week i gave up and jumped in the rabbit hole of YouTube to see him. I watched his videos till i was more sick and tired.

Then finally in my feverish dream:

(many tongue twisters and old suggestive poem.)

conan2pi”I wonder if this is appropriate..?”

Torni (Tower)

tower torni2 torni3 torni4 torni5 torni6



-Ugh, finally finished.

-You do know that this wont last?

-I’m not going to waste all the trouble I went through.

-well, at least I warned you.


-Oh well .. okay than.

-Drowning is lame because you wont see your own Tears.


-Finally i can sleep.